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EU approach to sustainable development

Sustainable development aims to meet the needs of present generations without jeopardising the ability of future generations to meet their …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo04/26/2019

This time I’m voting. European elections 2019

Have your say and choose your future. The next European elections will take place in May 2019. On 26 May …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo04/05/2019

Let’s meet for a coffee! Coffee consumption in the EU

The largest coffee consumers in Europe Coffee is a popular drink and has become indispensable in the everyday life. What …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo04/02/2019

Making European roads safer

New rules clear way for clean, connected and automated mobility on EU roads The European Commission has adopted new rules …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo03/13/2019

EUROPE ABC – Who can join the EU?

The Treaty on the European Union states that any European country may apply for membership if it respects the democratic …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo02/26/2019

Learn with sikhna all about “E”

What does the “E” stands for? Education Make education a fundamental right for everybody We believe education is one of …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo01/25/2019

European Lifestyle – 7 Habits for a healthy and long life

7 HABITS for a HEALTHY AND LONG LIFE Living a healthy lifestyle is not only spending hours of training at …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo01/18/2019

Goodbye Great Britain!

Great Britain is leaving the European Union The European Union (EU for short) is a network of currently 28 Member …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo12/21/2018

Support for Entrepreneurs in the EU

Starting your own business? Read this… The European Investment Fund supports European small and medium-sized enterprises  The idea behind is to …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo12/07/2018

Roam like at home. Calls and SMS within the EU

Goodbye roaming charges Michael lives in Ireland and has a contract with a moble service provider which includes roaming. Thanks …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo11/30/2018
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