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Roam like at home. Calls and SMS within the EU

Goodbye roaming charges

Goodbye roaming charges

Michael lives in Ireland and has a contract with a moble service provider which includes roaming. Thanks to the EU “roam like at home” rules Michael does not have to worry about paying a surcharge for any calls to EU numbers he makes or receives during a business trip to Spain. Callers from Ireland will be charged the domestic rate for calling Michael. If he calls a local Spanish number, his family in Ireland, or another EU country, he will pay Irish internal domestic prices for these calls.

No extra charge for making or receiving calls while roaming

The EU “roam like at home” rules mean that when you use your mobile phone while travelling outside your home country in any EU country you don’t have to pay any additional roaming charges.
This means that phone calls, text messaging and mobile surfing cost the same amount of money abroad as at home. These rules also apply when receiving calls or texts while roaming even if the person you are calling is using a different service provider They also apply to “flatrates”. But if, for example, the surf volume is used up, the speed will also be adjusted abroad.

Initially this regulation should apply in 28 European countries Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland. But beware: it doesn´t apply to cruises, on planes or during a ferry crossing. Andorra, Monaco and San Marino, for example, are also not included and may continue charging, as well as Switzerland.

Exceptions prove the rule

When you roam like at home there are no volume restrictions for voice calls and SMS, but there are rules and limits for data usage at domestic price which are determined by the type of contract you have
In the case that you have a high-speed flat rate without limitation, you should read carefully the exact terms in your contract before starting your holidays, providers can set an upper limit on the data volume. If you exceed your data usage plan, you will have a surcharge. Customers with a community option should check their contracts. In most of the cases, this option is not valid abroad.

The same principle applies for prepaid cards; this means the same costs as at home. However, some providers may have an extra charge for mobile surfing.

Our advice: before starting your holidays, check whether your contract contains a roaming option, and what the conditions are.


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