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World Art Day 2020

European Art to enjoy Happy birthday Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519). In honour of the great Italian artist and …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Kroeppelien04/15/2020

What students do during the coronavirus outbreak

We all have read it: Stay at home. Don´t go out. Only for health reasons, if you have to work …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo04/09/2020

Global spread of infectious diseases and basic protection measures

Governments and healthcare systems all over the world aim at slowing down the rapid transmission increase of infectious diseases When …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo03/20/2020

Universities in Germany

  Planning to study in Germany? Germany has got some of the oldest and prestigious higher education institutions in Europe. …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo03/15/2020

European healthcare systems under pressure

Improving efficiency is essential for European healthcare systems. New transmission dynamics can help to improve effectivity and healthcare quality European …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo03/10/2020

International Women’s Day

Commission speaks up for women across the world and publishes 2020 Gender Equality Report On the occasion of today’s International …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo03/08/2020

Got the Brexit done!

Almost 50 years later, the United Kingdom leaves the European Union and faces an uncertain future after the Brexit On …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo02/04/2020

Remember Europe

Why not bring something back from your trips? Travelling is the best way of creating new experiences and memories, and …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo01/16/2020

EU supports European Universities

Great development for the European education area. First 17 “European Universities” selected: a major step towards building a European Education …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Kroeppelien06/28/2019

Energy Efficiency in the EU: Saving energy & money

The demand for energy is growing worldwide. Due to an increasing scarcity, prices are continuously rising and our environment is …Read More

Profile PhotoM.Rojo04/26/2019
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