What students do during the coronavirus outbreak

We all have read it: Stay at home.

Don´t go out. Only for health reasons, if you have to work or to buy food.
Practice social distancing. If you go out stay always two metres away from other people.
Wash your hands. Do it immediately after you get back home.

For many students around the world this means; no job, no access to the library and no idea how to proceed or what is going to happen next. This is what is happening to thousands of students in Europe these days, but also all over the world.

As a result of the Corona crisis, many student representatives report about students existential and practical needs. The library is closed. Some of them were just able to secure some books for their studies.

learn online

But will that be enough to keep your studies going?

Another problem is that they cannot travel to their families as they have been in quarantine for weeks. But there are also good news. Many education authorities will continue to pay for the studies and for the training aid, even if the universities remain closed. If final exams fail, the standard period of study is extended accordingly.

“At the moment studying its less fun” We hear students saying. Especially from those that were doing little jobs to survive or for extra money.
Whether online or offline – in the crisis there are also new, additional opportunities for students. Some find new jobs helping to organize food supply now that many restaurants offer meal delivery service after customers remain at home. Other help organizations that are supporting and caring for the elderly at home. Many students are now working for home office.
Corona also offers flexible students opportunities for new jobs. The student organizations also report an exceptionally large number of jobs for students with private individuals: babysitters, private tuition or everyday help for people who cannot leave their homes. All these jobs are very important and are sought everywhere in times of the virus.

However, if the country stands still for weeks or even months, the negative consequences for the studies and job are likely to outweigh them.

What else can be done to spent this time in a meaningful way?

A good way is to learn something new online that you can use later for your studies or your professional development. Online learning platforms are currently a good alternative.

If coronavirus affecting your education or work, try other ways. Explore online courses to continue studying, build professional skills, and connect with experts. Remember that you can do all of this things in an easy way. Sikhna.eu is an online learning platform about Europe.

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