Why we talk about Europe?

A unique project that brings together a group of  States

The European Union builds up the base of a joint European identity

The European Union was the achievement of a group of persons who were born and lived in different countries in Europe. They believed in peace and understood the importance of working together to achieve a bigger goal, no matter how long it will take. The EU Founding Fathers set up for a Europe without borders, and that was the start of a very unique project. In the Preamble of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) and in the Union’s objectives there is mention of the establishment of “an area of freedom, security and justice without any internal borders”, as well as the construction of an “internal market (…) comprising an area without internal borders (…)”.

Europe`s history

When you look back in Europe’s history, maintaining peace and security, consolidating political integration and fostering social and economical development have always been decisive to define a common European future and identity. Nevertheless, the term “European Union” not only involves geographic, historic and cultural factors but also common values and ideas, without cancelling out national identities. The EU Member States share values, principles and interests as the core of their identity, and this fact distinguishes them from other countries and regions of the world.

Remembering what we share and have in common can strength the interaction in times where uncertain threats are undermining a common European future. In sikhna.eu  you can find what are the EU basics that we share and will keep us together, although we belong to different traditions and histories.


Life in Europe_sikhna.eu
that´s why we live in Europe

Europe supports a life of dignity in freedom, democracy, and equality between men and women

It is not surprising that in times of confusion and disbelief, where our societies are dealing with unexpected challenges, we seek reference models and guidance for our lives. When you are living in Europe or in the European Union you are committed to a society that develop in the rule of law and the respect of Human Rights. These values are shared by the all Member States and guarantee a life for women an men typified by pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality. The European Union makes a great effort to show that it implements decisions and policies in line with these principles. This will help to support its citizens more convincingly of its legitimacy in facing the challenges of the present world and find joint solutions. On sikhna.eu you can find more details of the Life of Women and Men in Europe and be surprised by how many things have in common.


In times of uncertainties and global threats, Europe play a key role. To assume an intermediate position, a middle road between the global and the local, between dilution and self-withdrawal can be decisive for the  development of a sustainable future . The interaction between global and national identities may be the backbone and the answer to current and future challenges. That’s why we have to talk about Europe.

With the support of our experts,  you will find different keys and perspectives to understand the strategic importance of  the EU. Find out more on sikhna.eu.

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