Have Your Say. Elections in the European Union

Next time vote and choose a better future

European Parliament elections

The last European elections took place in May 2019. On 26 May 2019, the European Parliament was elected for the ninth time. In Ireland the European elections took place on 24 May. However, most Europeans, went to the polls at the weekend. The UK has not participated in the 2019 European elections.

As with all elections, voting in the European elections is about choosing your future. As an EU national, you have the right to vote and stand as a candidate in European elections.
If you live in your home country, you can only vote for the EU candidates standing for election in your own country. If you are registered and live in another EU country, you can:
• vote for candidates standing in your home country or
• participate in the election of your host country and vote for candidates standing in that country.

Remember that you can only vote once at the European elections. You may need to register to vote with the national authorities in your host country before the election takes place. In some EU countries, you are registered automatically once you register your residence there.

European elections 2019 vote

Why you should vote

Your vote can influence how the European Parliament decides on matters that affect your daily life. It will also give the European Union the strength to protect you and your family as well as defend democracy.

New distribution of seats

The ninth direct election to the European Parliament brought some changes.
The number of places will drop from 751 to 705 seats. The downsizing of the parliament is one of the effects of Brexit. At present 73 Britons still have a place in the political mouthpiece of the EU. Following the withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU, these places will be partly distributed to other Member States or canceled altogether. After 26 May, 14 EU Member States will have the opportunity to send more Members to Brussels and we will have the chance to choose our future

The next Parliament Elections will be in mai 2024. For this elections we will ask you to commit yourself to voting and to help persuade others to do the same. For this elections  it won´t be enough to just hope for a better future, we will have to choose it.

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