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Let’s meet for a coffee! Coffee consumption in the EU

The largest coffee consumers in Europe

Coffee is a popular drink and has become indispensable in the everyday life.

What about the European coffee consumption? Which country leads the list of the largest coffee consumers in Europe?

The coffee consumption is compared at this point in kilograms of coffee consumed – of course, it is depending on which coffee specialty is particularly liked in the country and therefore often drunk. In countries such as Hungary or – very classic – Italy, for example, espresso is particularly popular, whereas Germans still like to rely on a good filter coffee.

three coffee consumption  types

However, who would have thought that – the front runners in Europe are the Finns, who rank well first with an average of over 12 kilos of coffee per capita per year. Also in Norway, people like to drink coffee at around 9 kilos a year, so that Scandinavia is well ahead of the Europe-wide average of just under 5 kilos. Germany is in midfield and with 7 kilos of coffee per citizen still well above the EU average.

On the other hand, coffee country par excellence, namely Italy, with just about five and a half kilos of coffee per capita per year is only slightly above the average. This can of course also be related to the fact that the Italians enjoy now and then a good espresso and they don´t use their coffee as a simple wakeup-maker, like other nations.

In terms of coffee consumption, the average coffee that a European consumer drinks is about 3.3 kilos a year. On the other hand, the Nordic countries with their high consumption are just as surprising as the Italians, who consume unexpectedly little coffee.

Turning “Lets have a coffee” into a productive career move

Over the years, coffee consumption has also become a relevant lifestyle factor. Furthermore, the on-the-go consumption pattern is increasing, its demand is becoming a true sales success but also its challenging our environment.

Coffee has not only become a significant economic factor. Making an appointment for a coffee can also powers your day but also your career.
There is another interesting factor coffee. These informal meetings can sometimes prove to be the most consequential of your career. Coffee meetings aren’t actually job interviews or pitch meetings, but they’re more intentional than chance conversations at networking events. If you use them strategically they can turn into a career factor that helps your professional development.


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