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Being in Europe for the first time, you would be surprised by how different European countries and cultures are from one another, but also by how many things they have in common.
One of the good things about living in an EU country, is learning about foreign customs and experiencing places just as the locals do. For this purpose, we have just put together a series of do´s & don´ts on how to fit in and make the most of your stay.

Learn in this lesson a couple of interesting things you may need in order to enjoy your EU experience. You will discover some interesting facts that can make your life in the EU easier.

Sure, there is much more to learn, but let´s start for now and discover a couple of things you have to do, in order to feel like a local in the European Union.

Course Curriculum

Do’s & Don´ts | IntroductionFREE 00:02:00
Do’s & Don´ts in the EU | Food 00:03:00
Time Management
Do’s & Don´ts in the EU | Time Management 00:00:04
Do’s & Don´ts in the EU | Language 00:05:00
Do’s & Don´ts in the EU | People 00:03:00
Do´s & Don´ts in the EU | Lifestyle 00:03:00
Do’s & Don´ts in the EU | Conclusion 00:02:00

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